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 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Vehicle Research and Test Center (VRTC) is the agency's in-house laboratory. Staff at VRTC conduct research and vehicle testing in support of NHTSA's mission to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce traffic-related health care and other economic costs. Studies performed cover the areas of crash avoidance, crashworthiness, biomechanics, and defects analysis. These activities support development of Federal motor vehicle safety standards which assure safer vehicles through enhanced vehicle performance, improved occupant protection systems, better structural integrity of vehicles, increased understanding of driver behavior, and the use of intelligent systems to enhance drivers' ability to avoid crashes and travel safely. Defects analysis supports the agency's work to identify and correct safety-related defects in motor vehicles and motor vehicle equipment, and to ensure that recalls are effective and conducted in accordance with Federal law and regulations.
Crash Avoidance
  The advent of advanced electronic, computer, and communication technologies provides an opportunity for seeking new remedies that can help drivers avoid crashes. The Crash Avoidance and Electronic Controls Research Program is seeking to develop a broad base of understanding that can lead to introduction of advanced systems.
  The Applied Crashworthiness and Defects Analysis Division conducts research and testing to examine issues relating to the protection of motor vehicle occupants involved in crashes. This includes engineering analysis and testing of vehicle structural integrity and restraint systems for frontal, side, and rollover crashes, as well as of child restraint systems.
  The Human Injury Research and Applied Biomechanics Divisions of the Office of Vehicle Safety Research disseminate scientific information and conduct cooperative and collaborative research with other organizations around the world to develop tools that help mitigate injury and death in motor vehicle crashes.
VRTC Capabilities
  • Crash test dummy standardization
  • Crash avoidance testing and research
  • Cyber security laboratory
  • Defects analysis assessment and testing
  • Crashworthiness testing and research


Due to the nature of our facility, access to VRTC is limited. Any and all visitors must comply with our security policy. No unannounced visitors can be accepted. For more information, please call 800-262-8309. VRTC is located at: 10820 State Route 347 East Liberty, Ohio 43319

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