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208 49 CFR Part 571 Monitoring the Performance of Advanced Air Bags and Developing Data for Potential Future Air Bag Rulemakings  
208 49 CFR Part 595 Exemption from the Make Inoperative Prohibition  

Final Rule

208 49 CFR Part 595 Air Bag Deactivation  
208 49 CFR Part 552, 571, 585, 595 Occupant Crash Protection
The agency is proposing to upgrade the agency's occupant protection standard to require advanced air bags.  

Final rule; interim final rule.

208 49 CFR Part 595 Retro Fit On-Off Switches for Air Bags
To facilitate further the modification of vehicles to accommodate individuals with disabilities, the agency is proposing to expand the existing exemption from a statutory provision that prohibits specified types of commercial entities from either removing safety equipment or features installed on motor vehicles  

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

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