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Issue 4 (May 2010)

Takes a look at project management and the role of the project manager, the person who brings all the players together, handles the details of the project, and ensures that all of the components are working in concert to effect true impaired driving system improvement.

Issue 3 (Sep 2008)

Focuses on coordination between communications and enforcement efforts of the Office of the Governor, New Mexico Department of Transportation, and the Traffic Safety Bureau (TSB).

Issue 2 (Mar 2008)

Examines two important components of the model, the State DWI Coordinator or "DWI Czar", as the position is known in New Mexico, and the State DWI Leadership Team, the task force convened to identify system gaps and marshal resources to address those needs.

Issue 1 (Nov 2007)

Focuses on program objectives and background, and features two law enforcement articles prepared by the officers who are on the front lines of this project.

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