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Emergency Medical Services is an essential component of a comprehensive traffic safety system. When injuries occur as a result of motor vehicle crashes, EMS provides the best “last chance” to reduce death and disability.

NEMSIS and the National EMS Database

NHTSA’s Office of Emergency Medical Services provides leadership to improve emergency care systems and responses to traffic crashes and all medical emergencies. Those efforts include the development of the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) and the National Emergency Medical System Database. Learn more

The National EMS Dashboard: Traffic Crashes

Most recently, NHTSA created the National EMS Dashboard, a visually interactive presentation of traffic crash data from the National EMS Database, making it easier for traffic safety professionals to access and use. The National EMS Dashboard offers valuable insights from the perspective of health care providers — information such as the condition of crash victims, pre-hospital care, EMS transportation decisions, and transport disposition immediately following crashes.

Whether you’re a researcher, EMS practitioner, federal safety or public health official, this intuitive data will quickly illustrate the potential impact of clinical information on reducing death and disability from traffic crashes. So go ahead — use the National EMS Dashboard, and raise the bar on traffic safety!

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